We are a group of high school students and adult volunteers that learn, explore, and celebrate science and technology. Through the international organization FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology, we build a robot to compete each year. We experience excitement of the challenge, create life-long relationships, and have fun. But we do much more than that. Through collaboration and leadership from students and mentors, ours students develop work ethic, professionalism, and pride.

Our team encourages younger students to experience the same excitement of engineering through programs like FLL and VEX. The Waukesha VEX League Competition and League Nights are hosted by our team. Along with VEX, we also hold FLL competitions and encourage members to mentor FLL teams. In both of these venues, and in many others, we display our robot and enlighten them about FRC. Through this, we excite, inspire and celebrate engineering.

Recent News

End of competition season.

CORE went to World Champions in Detroit! It had about 40,000 people with 576 teams attending. We placed 12th out of the 68 teams in our division. Top 20%!

CORE qualified for World’s by winning Chairman’s at the Midwest regional. We played 10 matches at world’s out of the 114 held in our division. By the end, we were able to select our own alliance, the “FIRST” time in CORE’s history!

CORE is done! Well, not really. We are heading into the offseason where we meet for 3 hours a week instead of the normal 17.

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Nearing Detroit!

3… 2… 1… LEGO!!! Recently, CORE traveled to Grafton where we demonstrated our robot at the Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo. Jr. FLL is for students aged 5-9. Teams research a topic and to demonstrate what they learned through building a model that includes motors and presenting to judges.

Elsewhere, CORE’s drive team traveled to Riverside high school in Milwaukee. By practicing defense with three other teams on a full sized field, their skills were sharpened.

Meanwhile, this past week has been fairly eventful as CORE is getting ready for the World Championships in Detroit.  

  • Mechanical: Worked on the new prototype and our old cargo manipulator.
  • Controls: Received and tested 6 new batteries.
  • Programming: Tested autonomous line following and overall autonomous function.
  • Outreach: Practiced the Chairman’s presentation and made another 1,000 buttons for world, and now has 2,500 out of our 3,000 goal.

Watch our matches online while we compete between Wednesday, April 24 – Saturday, April 27. Follow us on Twitter to find out what Division we are in. (Be sure to watch the Detroit competition, not the one in Houston.)

If you would like to follow our journey, check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That’s all folks!

Milwaukee Recap and Preparation for Detroit

Bonjour mes amis! Last week was the Milwaukee Regional Competition. Our team achieved a 12th place ranking after our qualifying matches and were the 1st selection of the 5th seed alliance. We were eliminated during the quarterfinals, but received runner up for the safety award. CORE met our goal of performing over 200 safety demonstrations to other teams at the tournament.

The FIRST Championships in Detroit is fast approaching, and our competition robot has been shipped safely in preparation for the tournament.

  • Mechanical: Improved the practice robot.
  • Controls: Wired a line sensor for the practice robot.
  • Programming: Worked on autonomous code.
  • Safety: Created a schedule for safety demonstrations at Detroit.
  • Outreach: Added pictures of the Milwaukee Regional Competition to the photo gallery and applied for grant

Until then, CORE continues to support STEM in our community by volunteering at outreach events for younger robotics teams, while preparing for our own competition in Detroit. We will continue to provide updates on our progress in our weekly blog posts.

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Off to Milwaukee!

Greetings and salutations! As you may know, CORE won the Chairman’s award at the Midwest Regional. As the excitement gradually declines from that historic event, team members have been working tirelessly.

On the 27th of March, CORE will be heading off to Milwaukee to compete at the Milwaukee Regional held in the panther arena. If you would like to see us compete, the event is free and will be held March 29th and March 30th from 8am to 5pm.

  • Mechanical: Designed a new manipulator, and steel bar fabrication for lift stability.
  • Controls: Built new parts and editing our pack list.
  • Programming: Continued work on LEDs, vision, and autonomous routines.
  • Drivers: Continued practice with robot in a match-like atmosphere.
  • Outreach: Refined the Chairman’s presentation and produced over 500 buttons.

Until then, CORE is refining our presentations for judges and improving our robot in preparation for the Wisconsin Regional, and for the World Championship in Detroit. We will continue to provide updates on our progress in our weekly blog posts.

If you would like to follow CORE’s , take a look at our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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