CORE 2062 strives to be a place where the passions of our students become skills, concepts transform into physical products, and zeal creates a positive community impact.

This website is devoted to the robotics team from the School District of Waukesha. We call ourselves CORE, which stands for the Community of Robotics Engineers. We are a group made up of students, volunteer teachers, volunteer engineers, and volunteer parents who have one central mission. We gather to learn, explore, and celebrate science and technology skills and interests. We as a team attempt to inspire self-confidence, leadership, and life skills while working side-by-side to solve an engineering problem. All these things are done while building a robot for an international competition called the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Our students come from the Waukesha community including three different high schools, two charter schools, an online academy, and homeschooling students. This is a very unique experience for our community. Students learn that although they have been adversaries on the athletic field, they can work as one to accomplish difficult engineering achievements.

We incorporate faculty coaches, community mentors, volunteer parents, and nearly 50 students. Faculty coaches organize the students into different work groups to accomplish the various tasks needed to build the robot. The parent members help facilitate the meetings and lend their expertise in the components that they feel the most comfortable in. The heart and soul of our team are the students who work together to overcome obstacles and challenge their minds. Students learn to stay in the mindset that they can accomplish anything and know how to never give up. Everyone involved in this initiative feels strongly that this is a student-centered activity and the finished product will be their accomplishment, not the mentors. Adults will be there to guide, instruct, give advice and moral support, but all is accomplished by the students.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “core” as the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. This definition is very fitting when trying to explain who we are and what we represent. The team’s essential element is for all student members to have fun and experience excitement while being involved in a worthwhile engineering experience. Our students voluntarily gather outside the school day to learn and go beyond the rigor and relevance of the engineering classroom. We gather with a sense of community, having one central mission. And along the way, everyone grows. Students embrace science, technology, engineering, and math. We build lifelong relationships. Members see teachers, parents, and engineers as mentors, friends, and acquaintances. They aspire to learn more. But most importantly, everyone has fun!

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