The experience of being on a FIRST robotics team is very influential in guiding students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). By supporting robotics you are helping the development and education of possible future employees. Robotics offers a very interesting tangible engineering experience for students.

Robotics teaches students lifelong lessons. By participating on a robotics team we learn skills such as: teamwork, problem solving, public speaking, engineering skills, and business skills. Robotics teaches us skills that we will take with us to college and on to the workforce. We take all of the skills we learn in our math, engineering, science, English, and business classes and we learn how to apply these skills everyday. The great thing about robotics is that it offers something for everyone. No matter what students enjoy, in-school robotics has something to offer. On a robotics team, there are many different things to do such as: planning/organizing the build of the robot, building the robot, marketing our team and press releases, tracking the teams finances, keeping track of the bill of materials for the robot, drawing CAD mockups of the robot, simulating anticipated stresses on specific parts, animation, writing awards submissions, mathematical calculation, and the list goes on and on. Robotics offers a life changing experience for us to learn, grow and change the world we live in.

Please consider helping our team in continuing this great experience. If you would like more information about our team our or would like to setup a meeting with us please Contact Us.

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