FRC World Championship Update 1

Hello! I am very pleased to be writing this from the stands of the 2017 FRC Championship in Saint Louis, Missouri. Getting here has been demanding work, and we look forward to competing with some of the best teams in the world this week. We are in the Daly division, and you can watch our matches when they go live today here. Here’s a brief rundown of what we did yesterday. We met at South at around 6:30 AM so that we could have a meeting to discuss the upcoming weekend before we left. After the meeting, we boarded the bus at 7:00 to drive to St. Louis. We drove without stopping, and the ride took about six hours. Once there, the mechanical and controls subteams went straight to the pits to work on the robot while the other subteams got to work on their respective jobs. We started giving safety demos to other teams and began scouting other teams in our division. We also played one practice match yesterday, winning 299-260. We look forward to the rest of the competition, but in the meantime, keep checking this page, as well as our Twitter account for updates.

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