Independence Day Parade 7.4.07

This year, our team marched for the first time in the Waukesha 4th of July Parade. Since this is our first year as a team, this gave us a chance to show the community our robot and show them what the students are capable of building. People were amazed to see what local high school students have been working on.

Summerfest 06.28.07

On June 28th, the opening day of Summerfest in Milwaukee, Sussex Hamilton hosted an exhibition match with nine teams. Our team brought our robot Atlas to compete in the matches. We had a great time teaching people what FRC is all about and getting a chance to compete with our robot in the off season.

Menomonee Falls Meeting 5.31.07

On May 31st, we took our robot and some team members to Menominee Falls High School to introduce them to FRC. The students and staff at the high school were interested in potentially starting a team and were looking for more information. We told their group about our experiences and walked them through the process we had gone through our first year. At the end of our presentation we assured them they would have our team’s full support, should they decide to start a team next year.

Freshman Activities Night 5.30.07

On May 30th, we setup a booth at the freshmen activities meeting. We showed the freshmen what the robotics team and FRC are all about. By showing people what the robot does, we hope that people will become interested and want to join the team this year.

Sunrise Rotary Club Meeting 5.15.07

Our team gave a presentation at the Sunrise Rotary Club meeting on May 15th to show people in the community our robot and to teach them about FRC. The people at this meeting were very interested in our robot and we hope that by doing this, we gained more support from people in the community.

GE Take Your Child to Work Day 5.9.07

One of the first events that our team participated in was take your child to work day at the GE Electric Avenue tubes plant. At this event we showed kids what our robot does and explained ways they can become involved in FIRST. The kids were also given opportunities to operate the robot. By the end of this presentation we hoped that we had inspired kids to go back to their schools and ask their teachers to start a FIRST Lego League team.

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