Championships Day 4

Our team arrived back in Waukesha feeling happy and exhausted at 2:30 this morning. It has been an incredible weekend and an incredible season. We could not be more proud of all the hard work we have put in and the growth we have accomplished as a team.


This weekend we made it to the quarterfinals in our division, placing eighth out of over seventy teams from around the world. In addition we are thrilled and honored to have been awarded the UL Industrial Safety Award at the international level. Congratulations to Lexus Stokes, our Safety Captain, for directing this program, and for winning Star of the Day at Championships.


Despite this success, coming home is a bittersweet feeling. For four months, this team has been a family, meeting for over 15 hours a week, eating together, laughing together, and working together. We have formed meaningful friendships, gained new skills, and created a special community where everyone is allowed to be incredible. Together, we have each grown and accomplished things we never thought possible.


After this point, we will continue to meet and prepare for next year, however meetings will be less frequent and the thrill of build season has officially passed. That being said, we look forward to everything we will be able to do this summer and throughout next year’s season.


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