Build Season Week 6 2011

Officially three days till Ship! Everyone is working hard and trying to get everything accomplished. The robot is up and running and placed its first official tube on the rack. We’re hoping that Daedalus will succeed, even though we have new drivers, and that Icarus flies high.

CAD team has almost completely built the robot on AutoDesk, and are finishing up the last few parts. The Manipulator team is making the guards to protect the robot and will be making spare parts for the robot. They are also making minor modifications. Chassis team is still working on the second chassis and checking and fixing all stripped gears. The Lift team drilled extra lift plates and assembled the second lift. The Minibot team is redisigning the deployment system and hope to integrate it into the robot. Programming is making progress on pre-programmed heights with an encoder. In addition, they have also optimized the code for the robot, collaborated with drive team to finalize the control scheme, and began testing for teleoperated mode. Our Website, Animation, and Chairmans’ awards were submitted. (To see our animation, click here.)

Website Excellence Award