Build Season: Week 6

Greetings and Salutations! With only 3 days until bag day, subteams are “in crunch mode”. Bag day is the day when all work on the competition robot needs to be done and the robot is packed for competition. With the extreme weather causing school cancellations, CORE has missed meeting times. Due to this and the limited time until bag day, we are scheduling additional meetings.

Last Saturday, members of the Outreach subteam traveled to Milwaukee for the annual MSOE Cub Scout STEM Fair. We taught Cub Scouts how to cut, strip, and crimp wire. With these skills, they were able to make their own bracelets to take home. Outreach subteam also submitted the Chairman’s Essay and Woodie Flowers Essay and worked on the Chairman’s video.

While fabricating the robot, the Mechanical subteam has encountered some problems with the robot. Using problem solving skills, they fixed the problems and continued their work.

The Controls subteam remade the control board to better fit in the available space. They also tested ultrasonic, which brought them reliable test data which they may use on the robot. The Programming subteam helped Controls test the ultrasonic, worked on autonomous actions, and updated their web dashboard.

The Field subteam has completely finished the field and are now working on other tasks, such as robot bumper design, or rejoining their original subteams.
Well, that about wraps up all that is happening on CORE 2062. If you want to keep up with CORE 2062 even more, you can check out our twitter, facebook, and instagram.

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