Build Season Week 4 2011

Working with the Chassis
We are now at 19 days to Ship date and competition is coming up fast. We have reached a consensus and decided on our name for the host and minibot: Daedalus and Icarus. This comes from the ancient Greek mythological tales of the great inventor, Daedalus, a son of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. According to myth, Daedalus and his son Icarus were trapped and, as a method of escape, created wings of wax and feathers. Icarus indeed flew out of his prison, much like we hope our Icarus will climb high in Logo Motion.
On Monday, a group gave a presentation to one of our sponsors, Cooper Power Systems. The week was slightly interrupted by a snow day, but much was accomplished nonetheless. Within C.O.R.E. itself, the safety captain gave a presentation on battery safety. Other subteams are nearing completion, including website and animation.
Setting Up the Controll Board
The finalized control board was built and mounted on the chassis. The actuator was assembled and we conducted preliminary tests with it. On February 4th, the manipulator was tested and successfully grabbed a tube. We were able to utilize our 3D printer to produce the rollers to be used on the manipulator. The programming team continued to work on their drive code to run on voltage mode in addition to working with a tracking system to be used during the autonomous period. Another subteam began to construct field elements so as to allow for more accurate practice with the host bot and minibot.

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