CORE VALUES are what we call the shared values and actions that bind our team together. Below is a brief summary of each value and how we practice it.


CORE is built around the foundation of community. We come together in order to make our robot as good as can be. We combine three high schools, two academies, and even several home schooled students to make our team. We also give back to the community as a whole by spreading the knowledge and love of STEM and inspiring future engineers. We do this by hosting annual FLL and VEX tournaments and assisting other teams with their tournaments.


Without organization, there would be no team. Our team is mentor-educated, but student run. Within the students, there is a leadership structure comprised of a President, Safety Captain, Engineering Manager, and Project Manager. Additionally, we use systems like Google Drive, GitHub, GrabCAD, and Eclipse to ensure efficient organization throughout and within subteams.


Respect is a large aspect of CORE. We pride ourselves on being a paragon of FIRST’s concept of Gracious Professionalism. Our students respect mentors and our mentors respect students. Without respect keeping students and mentors in balance, CORE would not be nearly as productive of a community.

Everyone Matters

In CORE, everyone matters. All sub teams are treated equally, and everyone will find something to do. Everyone who wants to be in CORE can be.


CORE has been organizing a VEX league night since our team was first founded. We also host a competition for middle and high schoolers. CORE has introduced thousands of students to VEX and educated them in STEM principles. VEX has transformed itself into a vital tool to spread the message of FIRST and STEM to younger students, and is an essential part of our team. We use VEX as a tool to help rookies become more oriented with the engineering ideas and principles.


CORE is very active in promoting FIRST and STEM in the community. We have displayed our robot to elementary school students at a local elementary school’s Math Night for the past two years, and we are looking forward to it being an annual event. Through our team’s success, we have inspired the School District of Waukesha to create a K-8 STEM charter school to help prepare students for programs like robotics or the Engineering Academy and the technology of the future. CORE is not just a team that meets during the build and competition seasons. We meet up during the off season and continue to grow together, through volunteering opportunities and get-togethers such as picnics and the occasional Ultimate Frisbee game.


When we work on the robot, we use the principles we learn in school. CORE and the Waukesha Engineering Preparatory Academy are very closely linked. Many students in the academy are in CORE and are drawn in by their love of engineering. You learn a lot while working on the robot. Many people join a subteam that they don’t know much about, but learn through the veteran student members and mentors. The learning continues when graduated alumni come back to become mentors.


CORE unites the five Waukesha high schools. Normally fierce rivals, Waukesha students are brought together to help each other build a robot. The partnership doesn’t end after build season, however. It is not uncommon for our team to get together to play Ultimate Frisbee, or go to a laser tag arena. This summer, we had our fifth annual team picnic. During downtime in our competitions, we will usually go sightseeing in the city we are in.


CORE’s sustainability is very important for our future. We ensure our continuation through support from our sponsors, fundraising, and grants. We fundraise through selling first aid kits, raffle tickets, and concessions. In addition to that, we assist in setup and teardown at FLL tournaments and receive a donation for our efforts. But the majority of our income comes from our sponsors such as Rockwell Automation and GE Volunteers. We provide all of our sponsors with updates so that they know what is going on. CORE has managed to stay fiscally strong during these economically difficult times because of the careful planning of our team.


Safety is very important to the team. Before build season, mentors give safety demonstrations to the entire team. Every member must pass a safety exam with a perfect score. Everyone knows the location and how to use the fire extinguisher, the battery spill kit, the first aid kit, and the eye wash station. During competitions, we hand out pamphlets to other teams and even hang posters advertising safety in our pit. We introduce students to industrial practices such as the 5 S’s principles, Material Safety Data Sheets, Lock Out Tag Out, and risk mitigation in preparation for jobs in engineering. We have received numerous awards for safety including the 2008 and 2012 Championship Safety Award and seven regional Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Awards.
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