Wisconsin Regional 2012

On March 22nd-24th, 2012, our team went to the Wisconsin Regional. We were the recipients of multiple awards.  We also won the Gracious Professionalism™ Award, which is awarded to the team who represents FIRST in the most positive light.   Another of the most prestigious awards, Dean’s List,  is awarded to only two individual students.   One of our mechanical subteam leaders, Annalyssa, is a  Dean’s List finalist. This award is presented to students who exemplify the ideals of FIRST.  There was no better person to represent our team and FIRST than Annalyssa. In addition to that, we also placed in the top 3 for Safety and 10 other awards.  In the actual competition itself, we were ranked 14th. We made it to the semifinals with our alliance that consisted of team 868, TechHOUNDS and team 2039, Rockford Robotics. In the semifinals, we lost in a terrific battle against team 48, Delphi E.L.I.T.E., team 2826, Wave Robotics, and team 269, CooneyTech. This alliance eventually went on to win the regional. The regional was not only fun, but a great learning experience for all of us, and we will use the knowledge we’ve gained to do even better at internationals!

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