Week Six Progress Update

Happy Valentines Day! We have 182 hours left until we have to bag the robot, and we are still working hard. We have met every day since the last update, and we plan to continue meeting every day until we have to stop. As of 9:05 PM CST today, here’s what we have done:

  • Design has finished the lift, the trapdoor, and the gear manipulator. They are currently putting the finishing touches on the gear manipulator. 
  • Mechanical has done a lot in the past week. They manufactured the parts for, assembled, and tested the lift and intake and made small tweaks to the overall assembly. They are currently working on the final parts, which design has given to them. Once these parts have been finished, the robot will be structurally complete.
  • Controls has planned and almost completed the control board. They will install it onto the robot as soon as it is structurally complete.
  • Programming has been working on the code for the autonomous period. They have also been making small tweaks to the teleoperated code.
  • Drive Team has been testing our drivers on the rules of the game to make sure that we will be well prepared for the coming competition season.
  • Safety gave a presentation this Saturday on traffic light behavior.
  • Chairman’s has finished and sent in the Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers award submissions. They are currently putting the finishing touches on the Entrepreneurship award.
  • In addition to writing these posts, Media has been Tweeting progress updates and making more changes to this website which you will hopefully see soon.
  • Scoutagy has been working on the scouting dashboard and have begun development of the user side of the application.

We have gotten a lot done so far and we hope to get even more done in the next week. Until then, have a great week and keep checking back here for more updates about the team.

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