Week Five Progress Update

Hello! We are down to exactly two weeks until stop build day, so we are going full steam ahead (no pun intended). In addition to our regular Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday meetings, the Design, Mechanical and Programming subteams were here from 5-9 PM last Friday and yesterday working hard to finish building the rope climber and gear boxes. As of 5:00 PM today, here’s what’s finished:

  • Design has finished the intake, climber and associated assembly drawings. They are currently working on the lift and gear manipulator.
  • Mechanical has finished the second (practice) drivetrain. They are currently working on the final assembly of the intake and the climber for the competition robot.
  • Controls has finished the troubleshooting for the protoboard, which is now working. They have started planning the actual control board and salvaging old parts to make it.
  • Programming has finished the code for the teleoperated period. They have now started the code for the autonomous period.
  • Drive Team has been testing our drivers on the rules of the game to make sure that we will be well prepared for the coming competition season.
  • Safety gave a presentation this Saturday on Mind’s Eye.
  • Chairman’s has been working on the Chairman’s essay and our Woodie Flowers submission.
  • Field has finished the gear set board and made the airship safe to stand on. They are currently working on the gear lift.
  • In addition to writing these posts, Media has been Tweeting progress updates and making changes to this website which you will hopefully see soon.
  • Scoutagy has been working on our ranking system that will rank teams at competitions based on the statistics that we will have gathered.

We have gotten a lot done so far and we hope to get even more done in the next week. Until then, have a great week and keep checking back here for more updates about the team.

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