Week 6 of the 2014 Build Season

With under three hours until the robot must be bagged and left untouched until competition, work at CORE has reached an incredible level of excitement. While school was dismissed early yesterday and all after school activities canceled, the team is still at a good place today. Mechanical is currently finishing several final touches on the robot and preparing to pass it off to controls for testing and observations. Final pictures and measurements are being taken in anticipation of a month of waiting and nerves before competition. Chairman’s has been very busy recently as well, with robot spec booklets to complete, sponsor panels to create, a speech to write, and a video to create. The scoutegy sub team is currently preparing to train new scouts for competition, and website has exciting updates planned specifically concerning the safety section of the website. Be sure to check out the competition page of the website for specifications on this year’s robot, and stay tuned for pictures of the completed robot!

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