Week 5 Update

Only two weeks remain in build season and everyone is working hard to meet the deadline! Last night, Drive Team started working with the robot and we are very happy with the stability that it demonstrated. Mechanical is now hard at work on the second robot, after handing the first robot off to controls for work on our lift. In addition, Programming has written code for driving and the lift mechanism. We are very happy with our progress on the robot up to this point, and with only 17 days remaining we are in a pretty good place.

This week, non-robot related sub-teams have also put in a huge amount of time and effort in their respective areas. Not only has Safety gained a new sponsor and done several demonstrations to the team, but the website sub-team recently updated the sponsor page — be sure to check it out! In addition, Chairmans finished several awards and called over 40 potential sponsors this week.

We have a long way to go before our first competition, but as a team there is no doubt C.O.R.E. will rise to the challenge. Stay tuned for further updates as we near the end of build season and prepare for competition!


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