Week 4 of the 2014 Buildseason

C.O.R.E., or more specifically our CAD sub team, is working non-stop to create computer models of all robot parts. It is a daunting task, as the robot is constantly being worked and reworked. CAD often needs to change their models as the thoughts of the mechanical team are turning over one new leaf after another. Also, props to mechanical for all of their efforts. In the past week they have met multiple times outside of scheduled attendance, totaling about 20 hours in extra hard work and dedication. They pore over printed models while becoming one with the gear boxes. Currently, mechanical maintains that the robot’s drive train is close to completion and they expect to begin working on actuators soon.

While the wheels are turning in mechanical, programming is working on the digital side of the robot world. They collectively spend their days coding for subsystems such as shooter, wheel, blocker, and drive. They test their code on a previous robot, patiently waiting for the chance to work this year’s robotic treasure. Through the subtle touch of symbols, numbers, and letters they can move mountains (and probably game elements).

The safety sub team is moving something entirely different. They are moving for the protection of our world’s workforce. The robotics business can be dangerous, and they do their best to spread the caution. Currently, they are training our newest safety padawan to update our safety website and prepare safety demos.

Thanks C.O.R.E. members for all of your time and good luck to all as the end of build season approaches!

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