Week 2 Build Season

Build season kick off has started and our team is already off to a great start! Just recently we reached consensus on a basic design for our robot. Consensus is a process we use to come up with a game strategy and basic robot design. We listen to everyone’s ideas and then decide on one everyone agrees with or can support. First we split off into three groups lead by mentors and experienced students. In those groups we list off things we want to do and come up with different strategies before coming together for a discussion. Once we decide on a basic strategy we move onto designs for the robot. Students and mentors propose designs to the team.

Here are some examples of students presenting their ideas. If two ideas are similar students can work together to present the idea together.


After listening to designs we combine and remove proposals. Students then present prototypes for their design.


When the team has heard all designs and seen all prototypes we reach consensus on which basic robot design.

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