Week 1 of the 2014 Buildseason: Concensus

With another year brings another consensus. This is a process we C.O.R.E. people use to make some initial team wide decisions. It requires that everyone on the team either agrees with, or can live with, a proposal. Eventually, consensus brings the team to a basic robot concept/design which the mechanical, electrical, and programming sub teams will use to create a final product. However, before getting to that point, our team must first talk strategy. We use a few days to go over all of the game’s possibilities and weight their importance. Then, with the most important aspects in mind, team members and mentors submit concepts to be discussed by the team. Currently, we are down to three possible basic robot designs and will soon be choosing a final. Additionally, we have also decided on our type of drive train using a decision matrix from Team 1114, Simbotics (thank you) which gives the different drive types values for how well they rank in categories such as agility and strength.

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