Week 1 of Competition

It’s week 1 of competition and we are still working hard to get everything done! Driver training has been going on all week, we’ve come down to two Auxiliary manipulator designs for our robot, and we have started to set up our pit. Additionally, Chairman’s has finished judges information booklet and are nearly completed with the robot spec sheet and booklet. We began to create the sponsor panels and get our robot buttons made.

We have also decided on the name Gaia for our robot! Gaia is Mother Earth in Greek mythology, we felt that with this years challenge, Recycle Rush, there was an emphasis on taking care of the earth, and this name fits that very well! After all, her job was to also watch over her creations.

There are only three weeks left of competition season and no one is left without a task. We are excited about competition and are working hard to finish our work.

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