This year’s game is Skyrise.

Each match has two teams of two that compete against each other. Each team of two is called an alliance and they work together to score the most points in each match. At the beginning of each match there is 30 second autonomous in which the robots are not controlled by the driver but by an autonomous program. After the autonomous mode, driver mode is enabled and teams are allowed to control their own robots. During this time the two alliances go head to head in trying to score the most points. At the end of the match the points are counted up and whoever has the most, wins.

The field is made up of a pyramid of 22 cubes; twelve red and twelve blue. There are three ways to score. One way is by the stacking cubes on the grey posts scattered around the perimeter of the field. Each cube stacked here is worth two points. The other way to score is by building the yellow post sections, also known as a skyrise. Each post section that is built is worth four points. Each cube scored on the built section is also worth four points. The last color cube that was placed on the post has ownership of that post and get an additional point at the end of the round. Lastly you can score by placing cubes on the starting alliance tiles. This is worth one point. Most teams are going for one way of scoring whether it be building a Skyrise or scoring the cubes on the posts.

The Vex Skyrise Field
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