The School District of Waukesha is committed to providing excellence in education for all students. As we move to the 21st Century, it is becoming more important to provide students with the skills necessary to compete in a technologically advanced world. VEX Robotics provides students with a hands-on learning opportunity that supports innovation, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and team work.
C.O.R.E.’s involvement with VEX began in 2008 when we held a two week VEX summer camp. The VEX summer camp was a fun, educational experience for local middle school students that prepared them for the VEX season during the school year.
Once the school year begins, teams are given a problem to solve during a kick-off in September. Teams have about three weeks to build their robots prior to the Waukesha League that is held by our team at the beginning of October. Once the League starts, teams meet weekly at Waukesha South High School to attend a learning workshop supported by C.O.R.E student mentors. Teams also have the ability to compete in practice scrimmages. All teams are eligible to participate in a VEX Tournament in November.
In addition to involving students from 5th grade and middle school, we  see this as an excellent opportunity to prepare our future members. VEX, challenges them, building up their comfort in designing, testing and redesigning the robot. We feel that it prepares them for the build season.

Quick Facts

  • All Waukesha elementary schools are eligible to receive one VEX Robotics start-up Kit
  • VEX is targeted at students in grades 5 through 9
  • Teams consist of 3-4 students
  • One mentor is needed to organize each team
  • Training is held for mentors in late August or September
  • Kickoffs are held in September
  • The Waukesha League Nights runs for five weeks in the fall
  • Competition and mentoring sessions are held at Waukesha South High School by C.O.R.E.
  • All teams are eligible to participate in a local VEX tournament in November
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