C.O.R.E. 2062 Safety Database
A collection of the industrial safety practices used and supported by FRC team C.O.R.E. 2062

Visitor Safety

-With the increasing popularity of FIRST, more and more visitors and those not familiar with the rules of the pit will enter your team’s area.
-Make sure to watch for food or drinks as they are not allowed in the pits. Food and drink could spill and cause hazards.
-Some visitors are confused about the necessity for safety glasses in the pit- let them know they are mandatory. Another misconception is the idea that regular glasses are acceptable substitutes for safety glasses. Unless they have side shields (flat and thin pieces of plastic that attach to the sides of glasses), they must obtain actual safety glasses.
-Additionally, make sure visitors are wearing the right kind of shoes. In warmer climates, flip-flops and other forms of open-toed shoes are common- and dangerous! The risk of injury from a dropped item is significant and is a problem fixed easily by wearing closed-toed shoes.
-If you inform a visitor of his/her safety violation and they ignore you or defy you, see a safety adviser or pit administration. They will be able to make sure the unsafe visitor is sorted out.