STEM for Girls is an event in which girls are introduced to careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The venue for the event was Waukesha STEM Academy, Saratoga Campus. Girls in 6th-8th grade from all over the city were invited to the event. After an hour of free time to wander around and visit any booths that they pleased, each girl received a schedule that told them what three specialized booths to go to. There was a wide variety of choices ranging from tech advice to speakers in the STEM field. Girls were exposed to many aspects of STEM. This event was empowering and revolutionary in showing young ladies that they can succeed in careers related to STEM.
C.O.R.E. 2062’s role in this affair was hosting one of the many booths. Girl’s from all different subteams on C.O.R.E. talked about being a teenage girl and enjoying the fun of applying their skills to robotics. They discussed what it is like being on the robotics team and how to balance this and any other extracurriculars with the other aspects of high school. They also talked about how everyone has a place on the team, even if they are not interested in the actual robot.   CORE takes pride in having a balance team with girls and boys taking active, valuable roles.

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