Progress Update Week Four

Hello! It has been a long time since we posted an update, but that’s because we’ve been so busy! Here’s a quick update on what our team has been working on:

  • As of tonight, the design team is almost finished with blueprints for robot sections, which it will give to the Mechanical subteam to build.
  • Mechanical has completed one drive train and is currently working on the second one.
  • The Controls subteam has finished the protoboard for the electronics and pneumatics on the robot and they are currently troubleshooting it.
  • The Programming subteam has been hard at work programming the climber mechanism and primary manipulator so that we can test them as soon as they are built.
  • Scoutagy has been developing the Python scouting library for the database that we will use to scout with throughout the year.
  • The Field subteam has been making sure that we can practice with our robot when it’s done. They have finished the Hopper, Loading Station, and both Boilers. They are currently working on the Airship. A picture of the completed parts can be found on our Twitter.
  • The Chairman’s subteam has working on awards submissions, including the Chairman’s essay.
  • Media has been working on updating parts of the website, including updating the information for this year’s game and posting some facts about our amazing mentors. Safety has trained everyone to be safe for basic machine operation, and members of the subteam give a presentation every week on how to be safe in different situations, such as if there is a battery leak.

Please continue to check back for constant updates on our team’s activities, which will come regularly from now on. Until then, have a great week!

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