Outreach is a valuable part of our team. We enjoy promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in our community. Our involvement in the community and spreading STEM is very important to us.


Our annual events:


  • VEX League Nights – Middle school and elementary school students are offered the opportunity to compete on a field and ask questions of the high school students. This is a great opportunity for both team members, students interested in STEM, and mentors to all connect and share ideas. CORE hosts these league nights every week at our local high school.


  • VEX Robotics Tournament – CORE 2062 hosts a VEX tournament for middle school students and a separate day for high school students. Our middle school VEX tournament is the largest competition besides nationals. We are very proud to be hosting these tournaments for a 10th year, and continuing to see growth in participation at all levels.


  • FIRST LEGO League Tournament – We host a FLL sectional tournament for 48 area teams. This means the school is inundated with approximately 400 people excited about robotics and the FIRST program. The tournament is a great way for our members to volunteer and for elementary and middle school students to fall in love with STEM and FIRST.


  • GE Take your child to work day – GE has invited CORE 2062 to provide a robotics presentation and demonstration at their “Take your child to work day”. This day is full of fun activities to engage the employee’s children in the types of careers that are needed now and in the future.


  • Hillcrest Math Night  At Hillcrest Elementary School there is an educational night for students and parents. CORE 2062 presents the robotics programs available at middle school and high school. The participants are always excited to drive the robots!


  • Waukesha County Fair – CORE 2062 hosts demonstrations with several robots in the educational 4-H building at the Waukesha County Fair. We really enjoy watching strangers, that may have not been exposed to FIRST and FLL, be introduced to this exciting challenge.


  • Wisconsin State Fair – In addition to the Waukesha Country Fair, we host demonstrations at the Wisconsin State Fair with varying levels of robots displayed. We allowed people to operate the FRC robot from the previous years competition, as well as bringing along FLL and VEX robots.


  • Costa Rica Project – CORE 2062 was excited to announce this initiative two years ago and with funding from our team, we have ordered and begin shipping FLL kits to Costa Rica. With these kits, children at a local school will use these kits to build FLL robots and use them as tools to introduce STEM into their curriculum.


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