Hillcrest and Bright Lights

It has been another busy off-season week for CORE. This Tuesday we attended the annual Hillcrest Ice Cream Social and demonstrated two different FRC robots, as well as several VEX bots. The kids from Hillcrest all had a great time completing challenges and learning the controls for both types of robots. In addition, CORE members had fun explaining what robotics is and interacting with the younger students. It is always amazing to see the awe on a child’s face and be reminded of just how extraordinary what we do really is.


That reminder was especially important to our team this week as we spoke at a Bright Lights presentation for the school board, telling them about CORE and robotics. The three CORE presenters gave a 10 minute speech which described not only what our team has done this season, but also the organization through which we compete (FIRST), our community impact, and our mission. In addition, these presenters were supported by several other members and mentors who all came to watch and help answer questions. Overall, the presentation went incredibly well. The board members all reacted positively and gave a variety of insightful comments. In addition, the meeting was broadcast throughout Waukesha, making it an incredible opportunity to spread awareness about our team.

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