FRC World Championship 2

Hello! Yesterday was busy and tiring, but we got a lot done! The day started at 6:15 when we met in the lobby of our hotel to have a team meeting to start the day. From there, we walked to the arena. Our first match was at 9:42 AM, so the robot-related subteams got to work preparing the robot. We played in four matches yesterday, winning two of them. We got about 200 safety demos done, and members of our team attended many different conferences to learn how we can do different and better things next year. At the end of the day, we met for another team meeting at the hotel. We have already played in one match today, losing 371-322. You can watch the rest of our matches today here. We are proud to be here and we look forward to the rest of the competition, but in the meantime, keep checking this page, as well as our Twitter account for updates.


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