End of Buildseason

As of February 17th, buildseason is officially over. Our team is incredibly proud of everything that we have accomplished in these short six weeks. Two robots have been built, three awards have been submitted for, and each student on this team has discovered new capabilities as we took on this epic challenge.

Looking forward, we have less than four weeks until our first competition. Mechanically, we are working to create an auxiliary manipulator for our robot which we will add at the Wisconsin Regional. This will involve a significant amount more work, but in our effort to create an outstanding robot we feel it will be highly beneficial.

Chairmans is currently busy preparing various competition documents, communicating with sponsors, and writing the speech and video which are included in the chairmans award. Additionally, this week we shipped FLL robot parts to Costa Rica to begin the first robotics program in the country. We are thrilled to spread our impact internationally in this way and offer such an incredible experience to these students.

The end of buildseason is a bittersweet experience. On one hand, it is great to have a few extra hours to catch up with family and non-robotics friends after the intense pressure of the past six weeks. On the other hand, however, buildseason is a time of intense excitement, accomplishment, and community and we are sad to see its end.

We look forward to the excitement of competition, though we know there is far more to accomplish before our first regional.

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