Consensus (Part 2)

Hello again! Today is the second day of consensus, and we are devoting all of the meeting to it. As we mentioned in Thursday’s post, we are doing this very intense practice consensus in order to prepare for the real one. The real one will occur during the week after kickoff, which is only 18 days away.

At the last meeting, we discussed goals for exactly how we would score and strategies for doing so, as well as debating whether or not we should play defence. This meeting will begin with team members presenting robot designs based on those decisions. Then the rest of the team will suggest changes to those designs. After that, we take the best parts of all of the designs and create a basic design for a final robot. Once that sketch has been created, the team votes on the sketch. If the vote is unanimous, consensus is over and we give the sketch to the design subteam to finish off. If the vote is not unanimous, we address and attempt to resolve the issues brought up by the people who voted against the design. We then repeat the voting process until everyone accepts the design. This process may be tedious, but it ensures that the robot is the best that it can be because everyone has put their ideas into the design process.

ICYMI: We will be having a CORE Holiday party on Thursday, December 22. Alumni are welcome, and everyone please bring a big appetite, a snack to share, and money for pizza. We hope to see you there!

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