Championships Day 3

It has been another exciting day at internationals. We are thrilled to be meeting teams from around the world, and making new friends. Walking through the pit, which holds around 600 FRC teams, there seems to be no end of people who are just like us: enthusiastic, tired, and in love with robotics.


As it was the final day of  qualification matches, we have finished the mass data collection system we simply call “scouting.” After scouting every team, for two days in row, and in over 100 matches, we are not quite sure whether or not we will miss creating the reports, or feel relived that our job is done.


We are also proud of our safety captain, Lexus Stokes, for receiving Star of the Day. This award is based upon peer nomination and it serves to recognize her exemplary work with safety. Lexus also received this award at the Wisconsin Regional this year, however it is a huge honor to be recognized at the international level.


Today was a long, busy day, but we appreciate every minute knowing that tomorrow we will be the last day of this season.


After our final match today we were ranked 27th in our division (two places higher than we were yesterday). This is a little dissapponting because we know we could do better, however it is not a bad place to be. We hope to be picked at alliance selection tomorrow and compete for as long as possible!

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