Build Season End of Week 1 Update

38 Days until Bag-and-Tag / 67 Days until Wisconsin Regional / 81 Days until Seven Rivers Regional / 108 Days until Detroit Championship


Hello! Kickoff was one week ago, and our team is powered up and ready for the season. Throughout the past week, we have been in consensus. For those of you that are unfamiliar with our process, here’s a quick explanation. On the kickoff day, we watched the livestream. After quickly discussing initial reactions, everyone read the whole game manual, so that we can all be fluent in the rules of the game. Then, people broke off into groups to start discussing their ideal strategies and what they thought would win the game. We had Sunday off, and on Monday we convened to discuss strategies and which drivetrain we would do. That discussion lasted into Tuesday, and once it was settled, we got to work prototyping different ideas for intakes, lifts, and other parts of the robot. The groups have been working all week on different ideas, and on Tuesday we will present them to the full team and vote on which ones we want to add to our final design. As for members who don’t work on the robot, we are busy writing the awards submissions, planning algorithms for scouting, updating the website, and building a full-scale wooden version of the field for practicing. We have had a very productive past week, and even though there are finals next week, we hope to replicate that. Until then, have a great week and keep checking this page, as well as our Twitter for updates.

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