Business is responsible for portraying our team professionally. They communicate with both our community and FIRST in a variety of ways. To stay in touch with our sponsors and school district, Business uses letters, emails, and phone calls. The communication between the team and FIRST is also a large part of Business. It involves talking to judges, making informational booklets, and preparing award submissions. This subteam is also responsible for awards submissions, some of which include the Business award, the Woodie Flowers award, and the Entrepreneurship award.


This sub­team is responsible for the electrical and pneumatic systems on the robot, allowing for the mechanical components to carry out controlled  functionality on the robot. They work hand-in-hand with the programming and the mechanical sub­teams to place control boards and wiring on the robot.


Design uses Inventor to 3D model our robot. Their drawings display technical specifications, which allow other robot-related sub teams to manufacture and construct robot parts. Even after the robot design is finished, they work with other subteams to make sure that the robot and its parts are built to the correct specifications. Design also redesigns parts as needed if a better way to do things is found. They are constantly redesigning and improving our robot.


This subteam manufactures the robot’s drive ­train, chassis, and various mechanical devices. In working on the drive train, students test different gear ratios to find a sufficient balance between acceleration and torque. As for mechanical devices, this subteam has, in previous years  been responsible for creating a scissor lift mechanism, a staged lift system, ball collection devices, and shooting device. Each device must fit together within competition parameters.


The media sub­team documents of the team’s activities, competitions, and build season. Their photos and videos appear on the website and promotional materials. They write all of the posts that appear on the website.



The programming subteam is responsible for programming the robot to function for each year’s game. They work to create code that will allow the robot to score points in the autonomous period, and help the drivers easily control the robot during the teleoperated period. They also work heavily with controls in order to ensure all necessary sensors and control capabilities are present.


The safety subteam is responsible for monitoring all activities of the team. This subteam instructs the team in safe operation of machinery, enforces all team safety rules and administers safety tests to guarantee retention of the information. At competition, they are responsible for the organization of the pit. The main goal is to create a well-organized and safe working environment. Safety is vital to the team so that we can keep order and have a workable environment.


The scout­agy subteam is a combination of scouting and strategy. With both pre-scouting data and match data they use their scouting database to predict the outcomes of matches and help C.O.R.E. make a well-informed decision during alliance selection.

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