Build Season End of Week 3 Update

24 Days un­til Bag-and-Tag / 53 Days un­til Wis­con­sin Re­gional / 67 Days un­til Seven Rivers Re­gional / 94 Days un­til De­troit Cham­pi­onship


Greetings and Salutations! This week CORE has been working hard on award submissions and a new drive train. The behind-the-scenes sub teams Business and Media were in the back typing up the Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers, and Entrepreneurship award submissions. These essays are highly important awards for CORE. The most prestigious award, the Chairman’s essay, can bring our team all the way to the championships in Detroit.

All the other sub teams are working on parts of the robot. Mechanical is Creating our scoring mechanism, drivetrain, and chassis. Design just sent the drawings of the drivetrain and chassis to Mechanical and are now working on the scoring mechanism. Controls is creating a draft of the control board and getting components from older robots. Programming is updating the control board, coding the drivetrain, and building sample robot code.

The Team has put a lot of effort into our work this last week with our drawings, drivetrain, chassis, control board, code and award essays and we’re excited to share our hard work with the community. If you’d like to stay up to date with CORE check out our Twitter, and be sure to check back here for weekly updates. Until then, be sure to stay ‘powered up!’

Build Season End of Week 2 Update

31 Days until Bag-and-Tag / 60 Days until Wisconsin Regional / 74 Days until Seven Rivers Regional / 101 Days until Detroit Championship


Greetings and salutations! This week is midterms week for our school district, so even though we’ve been studying hard, CORE members have still managed to get robotics things done. On Tuesday, we finalized our robot design, and the design team got to work getting the blueprints to Mechanical. Mechanical received a shipment of parts from one of our sponsors (Thanks, Fastenal!), and started building the first parts that we have designs for. Controls has been salvaging parts from older robots to prepare for this year’s control board. Programming has been prepping computers and code, Design has been hard at work designing, and Media and Business are working on award submissions. Along with all of this some members have been recreating field elements for this year’s POWER UP challenge.

When asked about his thoughts on writing the Chairman’s essay, CORE rookie Isaiah said, “As a freshman, writing the chairman’s essay teaches me the CORE values and more about what the team does.” Sakshi, another rookie working on the chairman’s essay had this to say, “Working on the chairman’s essay gives me an opportunity to have a say in an important part of our competitions.”

This past week we’ve been busy with finals, but we’ve been keeping occupied with CORE. If you want to stay up to date with CORE be sure to check back here next week. Also don’t forget to check our Twitter for updates. Until then, have a great week!

Build Season End of Week 1 Update

38 Days until Bag-and-Tag / 67 Days until Wisconsin Regional / 81 Days until Seven Rivers Regional / 108 Days until Detroit Championship


Hello! Kickoff was one week ago, and our team is powered up and ready for the season. Throughout the past week, we have been in consensus. For those of you that are unfamiliar with our process, here’s a quick explanation. On the kickoff day, we watched the livestream. After quickly discussing initial reactions, everyone read the whole game manual, so that we can all be fluent in the rules of the game. Then, people broke off into groups to start discussing their ideal strategies and what they thought would win the game. We had Sunday off, and on Monday we convened to discuss strategies and which drivetrain we would do. That discussion lasted into Tuesday, and once it was settled, we got to work prototyping different ideas for intakes, lifts, and other parts of the robot. The groups have been working all week on different ideas, and on Tuesday we will present them to the full team and vote on which ones we want to add to our final design. As for members who don’t work on the robot, we are busy writing the awards submissions, planning algorithms for scouting, updating the website, and building a full-scale wooden version of the field for practicing. We have had a very productive past week, and even though there are finals next week, we hope to replicate that. Until then, have a great week and keep checking this page, as well as our Twitter for updates.

FRC Predictions

If you’ve been on our Twitter lately, you know that there are only 3 days left until the kickoff of the 2018 FRC game, FIRST POWER UP. We are excited for this game, so to commemorate this event, and to have a little fun before the season starts, we asked various members of our team what they thought this year’s game will entail. Here are a few of their responses:


Tim, a veteran member of the Controls subteam: “a climbing game, with pyramid-like stars and possibly shooting”


Aidan, a rookie member of Programming: “pick up coins and score them”


Diego, a rookie member of Programming: “Like a Pac-Man maze, with collecting power pellets or ghosts for points”


James, the safety captain, and Julia, a veteran member of Programming: “stair-climbing”


Avery, the Mechanical lead: “general old-school games, not anything specific, with a person on the field”


Mr. Dickinson, a Mechanical mentor: “a disc of some sort, like a coin, that would enable something. Possibly a change in elevation or a stair climbing, maybe a ladder”


Mr. Carroll, a Business Mentor: “Like Donkey Kong”


Mr. Farrell, the Lead Mentor: “Launching something, possibly a mini-bot or tennis balls that a Pac-Man-like thing can ‘gobble up’”


Mr. Davis, a Business Mentor: “will include a little robot that has to get to a certain level before you can ‘power up’ and use your big robot for the game”


Mrs. Davis, a Business Mentor: “Like Pac-Man, with a robot going around and ‘eating’ balls from the field”
We had fun making these guesses, and whether they turn out to be right or not, we know we’ll have fun building our robot when we learn about the game at kickoff on the 6th. Until then, have a great week and keep checking this page, as well as our Twitter for updates.

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