Wisconsin Regional

This weekend CORE participated in our first competition of the season: the Wisconsin Regional. Due to excellent robot performance and driver control, CORE was ranked sixth out of over 50 teams after qualification matches. This raking qualified us to captain an alliance in the play off rounds. CORE fought valiantly in the quarterfinals together with teams 192 and 4241, and though we did not continue into the semifinals we are proud of this exemplary performance at our first competition.


In addition to our robot’s success, we are thrilled to announce that CORE was awarded the Judges Award at the Wisconsin Regional this year. This award recognizes a team that demonstrates exceptional abilities in one or many areas that may not fit perfectly into established award categories. We are very honored to have been recognized in this way.


This weekend CORE will be traveling to the Midwest regional in Chicago, Illinois. Stay tuned for further updates as we take on this next challenge; we encourage everyone to watch the livestream event here!

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