Wisconsin Regional Win!

This past Saturday, March 21st, our team won the Wisconsin regional! We also won the UL Safety award and currently hold the twelfth highest score in the entire world! Going into elimination rounds, our alliance members were team 2826 “Wave” and team 2530 “Inconceivable”. Our alliance was able to score 216 points, the highest all competition. Both our team and 2826 were able to consistently stack totes five/six high with a recycling container on top. Our other alliance member, 2530 was able to pull recycling containers off the step which allowed for both us and our team member to continuously receive bins. Our team has a regional competition in Chicago next week as well as the international competition in Saint Louis in a month.

In semifinals match #2 we scored a record 216 points for the regional!

Week 2 of Competition

It’s week 2 of the competition season and the pressure is on! Drivers have been coming every night to practice and prepare for competition. Our drivers have come a long way since the beginning and have improved enough to pick up six totes from the landfill at once. Part of this improvement is the direct result of Programming and Controls working together to create more accurate pickup and drive systems.

In other news we have started to design our robot buttons as well as put together our Chairman’s video and presentation. This is crunch time for preparing everything we need in Milwaukee.

This week we have also worked on getting the team ready for the Milwaukee Regional by have everyone retake the safety test. Just like before everyone will have to pass with 100% correct. So far most of everyone has passed.

Rockwell Automation Engineering Week


This week a few students were invited to go to Rockwell Automation for engineering week. To introduce employees to FRC we presented last year’s robot and discussed the challenge and competition. As we drove around Hermes, our robot, visitors asked questions about our team. A few even drove and played catch with Hermes!

At the presentation, students learned about the importance of professionalism skills. They also had a chance to relate their knowledge to professional engineers. Employees were impressed by the amount of knowledge we had on our robot’s complicated machinery as well as our ability to build a robot in under six weeks. During the visit we also met the CEO of Rockwell who had heard about the event and wanted to meet our team.

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