Safety Training

Last week was the beginning of safety training, with today being the day of testing! To ensure that everyone is being safe, everyone was required to take the safety test. Rookies and team members working with the robot took a level 2 extended test while veterans could take a level 1 test. The test was on standard safety procedures and machine handling. “I felt confident about the test, I mean, everything on it was from safety training,” said a scouting sub-team member. But here’s the catch – in order to pass, every question on the test must be answered correctly. That’s why many people, even veterans, will have to retake the test.


In this week of robotics, things have started to heat up! That’s right, our team has started to prepare for the 2015 build season. No one is left without a task as veteran team members train with the rookies. Each sub-team has been planning for the upcoming build season. In addition to training new members, sub-teams are taking inventories and mapping out what they will need for the upcoming season. Driver training has also begun, aided by three robots from past years; Garfield, Æther, and Hermes. This year, we have both new and old talent practicing with a variety of drive trains. We hope to meet our competition head on!

VEX Competition

Last weekend, CORE hosted our annual VEX tournaments. Saturday, the day of our middle school tournament, had a turnout of 40 teams that competed on two fields. The next day, there was not only 20 high school teams that came, but the army participated with a robot of their own. It was inside a glass enclosure in which participants could drive the robot around the obstacle course to test their skills. After that was done, everyone could test their strength by doing a couple pull ups on a bar, comparing themselves to the strong soldiers. There were many capable volunteers that spent their time working all weekend to prepare for the many events. They made sure that the visitors could focus on cheering for their favorite teams. Needless to say, South’s gym was jam packed with robotic excitement!

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