Drawing Ever Closer to Competition

It’s three weeks into Vex build season and a lot has happened! Teams have built robots that weeks ago were only concept and drawings. Their complex robots had humble beginnings. Joe’s team’s designs have developed a lot, especially the design for their arm. “We started off with a claw design,” he says, “but we quickly realized that the claw was too slow and heavy for our arm. So instead we added an almost vacuum brush type design that is more effective in picking up the cubes.” Another innovative design comes from Sam who has made a wheel base that can go in any direction, even sideways. “Our robot’s base is designed with agility in mind,” he explains. “One of the South mentors showed us a program that they used when they were in middle school and so we used it to make our robot more agile and easier to handle.” Both innovations have made their robots more efficient and easier to use.



All in all the teams are on the way to victory as the finishing of their robots bring them ever closer to competition on November 9th!



C.O.R.E. Vex Season Kick-Off

Tuesday, September 22nd was the first night for rookies and they’re starting off the season with Vex. For some this is their first introduction to robotics, so it is crucial that they pay attention and participate. Just ask Ryan, who joined Vex after hearing about it through the engineering academy, “Vex is a great intro to robotics. It takes complex ideas and concepts and explains them in an easy and fun way.” Right now teams are working on different aspects of designing their robots. Bjorn says that his team is “learning how to build our robot with the limited materials and resources available.” Finding and dealing with limits and restraints is a problem that even the C.O.R.E. team faces daily. When students begin the FRC challenge they will be immediately faced with size and weight restrictions on their ideas. In general, getting into teams and dealing with a robotic challenge is a great intro to C.O.R.E.

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