Robot Name

The name for this year’s robot has been chosen! In keeping with the tradition of naming our robot after Greek Gods, our team unanimously decided this morning upon the name Hermes. Here is a little background on this name:


Hermes is the Greek god of transitions and boundaries, which fits in very well with the three divisions on the field and assist points between regions. He was known for being quick and cunning, and his role was to deliver messages between the mortals and the divine, which in the context of our FRC game could translated to delivering the ball between robots. He was also the protector of travelling (between zones), herdsmen (we herd the ball), thieves (defense), trade (passing the ball), and perhaps most relevantly, invention. In addition, he flies on winged sandals, which could relate to us shooting the ball into the high goal or over the truss.
As depicted in specific classical literature, Hermes draws even more direct connections to this year’s competition. In the Iliad, Hermes was depicted as the bringer of good luck (which is always helpful) and a guide and guardian, as well as “excellent in all the tricks”. This relates perfectly, seeing as how in driver practice the drive teams have been actively working on strategies and “tricks” for every scenario in our match playbook. In Aesop’s fables, Hermes is featured as a provider of hospitality (coopertition) and was burdened with assigning each person their share of intelligence. In the The Homeric Hymn to Hermes, he was discussed as “one who was soon to show forth wonderful deeds” and by the look of our robot this year, this is going to be quite true for us.
Stay tuned for further developments as we rapidly approach the Milwaukee competition!

Competition Season: Week 1

CORE successfully bagged the competition robot on Tuesday night, and thus ending the build season for 2014. As the team transitions into competition prep, the mechanical group is working on finishing the second robot so our driver’s can start practicing. Also, the programming sub-team is waiting for the robot to work on code while Controls is wiring the robot, working closely with mechanical students. Other non-robot related sub-teams are preparing for the Wisconsin Regional. Chairman’s is working on the Chairman’s presentation and video, while the web design sub-team is pushing out a new update to CORE’s website. As a team, we are getting ready to perform our best for the Wisconsin Regional, and carrying the momentum from previous weeks into the competition season.

Students and mentors collaborate to meet the build season deadline.

Students and mentors collaborate to meet the build season deadline.

Week 6 of the 2014 Build Season

With under three hours until the robot must be bagged and left untouched until competition, work at CORE has reached an incredible level of excitement. While school was dismissed early yesterday and all after school activities canceled, the team is still at a good place today. Mechanical is currently finishing several final touches on the robot and preparing to pass it off to controls for testing and observations. Final pictures and measurements are being taken in anticipation of a month of waiting and nerves before competition. Chairman’s has been very busy recently as well, with robot spec booklets to complete, sponsor panels to create, a speech to write, and a video to create. The scoutegy sub team is currently preparing to train new scouts for competition, and website has exciting updates planned specifically concerning the safety section of the website. Be sure to check out the competition page of the website for specifications on this year’s robot, and stay tuned for pictures of the completed robot!

Week 5 of the 2014 Buildseason

Here at C.O.R.E. the work goes on. Media is creating slide shows of our lovely team. Bumpers is fabricating (with fabric) their easy color switch design. Controls has put in network cabling to connect wiring on opposing sides of the robot and is currently running hosing for pneumatics. Programming is working on vision and detection of the hot goal. Mechanical is working on the robot’s six wheeled tank drive as well as a catcher. CAD is adding a blocker to their models and putting on a few finishing touches. Last but not least, safety is keeping everybody safe. Happy day of build everybody!


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