Week 4 of the 2014 Buildseason

C.O.R.E., or more specifically our CAD sub team, is working non-stop to create computer models of all robot parts. It is a daunting task, as the robot is constantly being worked and reworked. CAD often needs to change their models as the thoughts of the mechanical team are turning over one new leaf after another. Also, props to mechanical for all of their efforts. In the past week they have met multiple times outside of scheduled attendance, totaling about 20 hours in extra hard work and dedication. They pore over printed models while becoming one with the gear boxes. Currently, mechanical maintains that the robot’s drive train is close to completion and they expect to begin working on actuators soon.

While the wheels are turning in mechanical, programming is working on the digital side of the robot world. They collectively spend their days coding for subsystems such as shooter, wheel, blocker, and drive. They test their code on a previous robot, patiently waiting for the chance to work this year’s robotic treasure. Through the subtle touch of symbols, numbers, and letters they can move mountains (and probably game elements).

The safety sub team is moving something entirely different. They are moving for the protection of our world’s workforce. The robotics business can be dangerous, and they do their best to spread the caution. Currently, they are training our newest safety padawan to update our safety website and prepare safety demos.

Thanks C.O.R.E. members for all of your time and good luck to all as the end of build season approaches!

Week Three of the 2014 Buildseason

This week we have been very busy working to reach our goals in terms of the programming, design, and mechanics of the robot. While we have a lot which remains to be done we are treading carefully to ensure that everything is done well. In the words of engineering project manager, Erik Orlowski, “We are a bit behind but we are taking our time to be thorough and make sure we don’t have any problems later in the season.”  In other news, the website design team has made significant progress in learning new programming languages and is ready to begin redesigning our website for this year. Additionally the Chairman’s sub team has begun contacting a number of perspective sponsors and working on this year’s Chairman’s essay.

-Abby Lewis

Toshiba Visit

A few weeks ago, C.O.R.E. went to Toshiba to present and show our robot to their employees. One of our mentors works at the company as a mechanical engineer, and set up a time to meet. When we were there, we were given a tour of the facility and given a little company history. Afterwards, we demoed our robot, allowed them to play catch with it, and answered any questions they had. At the end of the demonstration we were given a generous sponsorship, placing them among other gold level sponsors.

It was really amazing to see how many of the employees would have been on an FRC team if it was around when they were in high school. Overall, the day was a very productive, fun and educational not just for us, but for the employees as well.

Week 2 of the 2014 Buildseason

Week two is coming to a close and C.O.R.E. is working hard to prototype, design, and CAD our designs. We are also contacting sponsors, creating a scouting database, updating our safety database, and taking care of a variety of other matters of business. Some of our newest members are setting about learning how to do these things. From beginning programmers to beginning drivers room 108 is bursting with open minds.

Thank You

C.O.R.E. 2062 would like to thank all who have supported our team so far this year. Specifically, we would like to highlight an anonymous C.O.R.E. alumnus who recently donated $5,000. This is quite a significant contribution, comprising about 25 percent of all of the donations that we have received this year. We thank this individual for their incredible generosity and commend them for their continued involvement in FIRST and our team.

However, we must also stress that donations of any size and at any time are greatly appreciated. This year in particular we have not been as financially secure as we have been in the past. We need our community’s support to be involved in FIRST; to prepare our students for their futures and spread STEM principles to those around us.

We hope that you will consider supporting C.O.R.E. 2062 for our current 2014 season. For more information contact our lead mentor Mark Spoerk at mspoerk@waukesha.k12.wi.us.

Week 1 of the 2014 Buildseason: Concensus

With another year brings another consensus. This is a process we C.O.R.E. people use to make some initial team wide decisions. It requires that everyone on the team either agrees with, or can live with, a proposal. Eventually, consensus brings the team to a basic robot concept/design which the mechanical, electrical, and programming sub teams will use to create a final product. However, before getting to that point, our team must first talk strategy. We use a few days to go over all of the game’s possibilities and weight their importance. Then, with the most important aspects in mind, team members and mentors submit concepts to be discussed by the team. Currently, we are down to three possible basic robot designs and will soon be choosing a final. Additionally, we have also decided on our type of drive train using a decision matrix from Team 1114, Simbotics (thank you) which gives the different drive types values for how well they rank in categories such as agility and strength.

Kickoff 2014

Welcome to the 2014 season!

Here at South High School, and at WCTC, kickoff has just begun for C.O.R.E. 2062. The game is Aerial Assist, and it involves throwing a two-foot diameter track ball into goals at the end of the field. Extra points are awarded for the robots on a three robot alliance that assist in getting the goal. Additionally, alliance members will be attempting to toss the ball over a six-foot high metal truss in the center of the field, and possibly catch it on the other side. Soon we will be designing a robot to maybe do just this sort of trickery, and the excitement is quickly mounting. As I type this,  conversion is running absolutely rampant through room 108.

Here’s to hoping that no robots will be crushed by the falling balls, and here’s to our future robot’s design! GO C.O.R.E!

Pre- Season CAD models

Here is this season’s pre-season CAD models.


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