Freshman Orientation Night

On September 12th  possible rookie members and veteran members met at C.O.R.E.’s freshman orientation night. The first order of business was showing the rookies how the team works. Afterwards, they took a tour of the 6 general sub teams ( chairman’s, programming, non- robot programming, mechanical -fabrication, mechanical -design, Electrical/Controls) in order to choose which to join. At the end of the night C.O.R.E. members jumped into the pre-season agenda, Vex league. This started with a description of the VEX game and a semi- lively strategic discussion.

It all went according to plan… except for the low attendance rate. C.O.R.E. would like anyone interested in the team to know that they are welcome to join late.

Zeman Tool and Manufacturing tour!

C.O.R.E. 2062 had the great opportunity to tour and a day of collaborated with our long-time sponsor: Zeman Tool. Our team went to their facility and went through a full tour of the company, from their manufacturing area to their engineering labs. During our tour of the manufacturing area, we were shown the individual machines and what their function was. C.O.R.E. team members fielded some great questions, and were really engaged during the tour. Perhaps the best idea that we took away from the tour was that Zeman Tool was using the same techniques to manufacture parts that C.O.R.E. was using on the robot everyday! Another highlight from the day was that we got to show the employees of Zeman Tool our robot. It was a great sight to see when the Zeman employees driving the robot and having fun! Overall it was a day of collaboration and learning, C.O.R.E. 2062 had a great opportunity for a day well spent.

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