Wisconsin Regional


At the competition in Milwaukee on March 21-23, C.O.R.E. 2062 made it to the semi-finals. After starting off alliance selection in the 10th seed, we programming lounge (second recent post)eventually joined ranks with the 6th seeded alliance captain team 1259, Paradigm Shift, and team 2574, Robohuskies. 1259’s climber and 2574’s fantastic shooter led to an awesome finish in the Semi-finals. In addition, one of our members, Haley, was honored to become a FIRST Dean’s List Finalist, an award given at each regional to one student who was recommended by their mentors for excellence on the team. We won the Judges Award, which recognizes greatness of the team overall. It shows distinction in categories such as Safety, Outreach, and Gracious Professionalism. Excellence in Milwaukee is attributed to the diligent fixing of mechanical problems, dedicated drivers, careful scouting, and well-versed Chairmen’s representatives. Our competition spirit will continue on to the FIRST championship in St. Louis, Missouri on April 23-26 for the Championship Competition.

Week 10 of the 2013 Buildseason

With the Milwaukee regional coming up the mechanical subteam is making some changes in the design of Æther. This is all very top secret. A special notion goes to the Chairman’s members that are working on their award presentation, as they have been working hard for the past week. In addition, Scoutagy is planning how scouting in Milwaukee will work out. Most of the team will be pitching in on this front.

Lake Superior Regional

C.O.R.E. recently attended the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, MN and has come back with some very exciting news! With help from team 2052 (Knightkrawler) and 4011 (Pi Robotics) we won the regional, which gets us to Internationals! Our team had fantastic offense, scoring over 100 points on just about every match against other high-scoring alliances. Our seventh-seeded alliance had a very worthy opponent in the high-scoring eighth-seeded alliance of team 3276 (NSR), 3277 (ProDigi), and 4539 (KAOTIC Robotics). We also won the UL Industrial Safety Award, adding to our safety accomplishments! Finally, after winning the regional, we faced off against the Northern Lights winners, who were just on the other side of the arena in a match for the Duluth FIRST champion! We emerged victorious against the fantastic alliance of 2169 (KING TeC), 3061 (Huskie Robotics), and team 525 (Swartdogs) in a very close 116-113 match. This was a fantastic regional for C.O.R.E. and we are excited for Milwaukee!

Week 8 of the 2013 Buildseason

Week 5 website programming

As Duluth approaches very quickly, our robot has moved out of the hands of mechanical team and into programming. They have been working over in the area of the auto shop designated “the programming lounge”. Pre-competition scouting has begun and scoutagy has finally nailed down the scouting sheets. Chairman’s have printed out all of the robot spec sheets, and we are very excited for Duluth! Good luck to all teams competing!

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