Safety Testing Completed

Most members on the team have completed Safety Training and passed the safety test with 100% accuracy. Safety training included a tour around the workshop and hands-on instruction for using the bandsaw, drill press, miter box and hand tools. The test covered basic shop safety, as well as safety when using the bandsaw, the drill press, and the miter box. Now that we have passed, team members can use the machines in the shop. C.O.R.E. is ready for a great build season! We can’t wait for Kickoff! Congratulations, everyone!

How to Train Your Dragon

By way of invitation from MSOE, C.O.R.E. swooped into the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular! After a pizza dinner and a technology presentation by MSOE, 34 lucky mentors, parents, and students went to go see an anamatronic version of DreamWorks’ popular animated film. Thirteen different dragons soared across the stage in this family-friendly show. Some of these marvels had a wingspan of 46 feet! All in all, this was a very fun experience for the team, and we would be happy to go see it again! Thanks to MSOE for inviting us!


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C.O.R.E. is selling the 60W bulbs at a low price of 20 dollars!

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