Marquette FLL Concessions 2012

C.O.R.E. had a great time fundraising at Marquette High School.  A select group of students helped managed the concessions for two FLL tournaments hosted by the Hilltoppers, team 1732. This was of great benefit for the team and helped the Hilltoppers by freeing up their volunteers for the rest of the tournament.  All in all, this was a great two days for C.O.R.E.!

LEGO League Tournament 2012

FLL (crop right side off)

On November 12, C.O.R.E.  held a FIRST LEGO League tournament at Waukesha West! Over 35 teams showed up to compete. There were many amazing projects and creations for the judges to revel in and comment on. The highest score of these creations got over 400 points!  Even the non-robotics related parts were great! We ran a very successful concessions stand, and had a DJ rocking the tournament all the time! Overall, much fun was had by all, and we would love to do this again!

Vex Tournament


On Saturday November 3rd, 2012, C.O.R.E. volunteered and competed in the high school VEX tournament.  There was a lot of excitement in the elimination rounds, as team number 1200B made a huge comeback in the very end to overcome a point deficit.   Rookie members of  C.O.R.E. competed at the tournament also.  Although the C.O.R.E. VEX team was not on a winning alliance, all participants gave a great effort with many making it into the quarterfinals and semifinals.  One of our teams (2062E) made it as far as the final rounds. In the end, all competitors had a great time. Congratulations to Appleton 1200B for qualifying for World Competition! Keeping up with C.O.R.E. values, we made sure that everyone in the pit area were wearing safety glasses, both enforcing safety and creating good safety habits for the future.  Staffing went so smoothly that we are thinking of hosting another VEX tournament next year!

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