Bag-and-Tag 2012

Robot on bag-and-tag date

This week Tuesday (February 21) we reached the end of our build season period and “shipped” our robot out. This year, unlike other years, we were required to keep our robot on site, as opposed to the other years were we actually shipped our robot to a warehouse were it would be held until competition. To insure its integrity our robot is bagged up and signed off on by our school principal, Mr. Nowak. This is still an important milestone for our team though, even without actually “Shipping”.

Build Season Week Six 2012

As of today, February 18th, there are only three days until Ship Date! The mechanical subteam has been meeting outside of normal times to make some last-minute touches to make sure the robot will be ready for Ship. Team 1714, MORE Robotics, is coming to our high school today to practice driving with us in our field house. On February 15th, we were able to submit Chairman’s, Website, Dean’s List, and Woodie Flowers after doing the final edits on all our essays. Today, we had two safety demos from our safety captains, Daniel and Aaron. The Chairman’s and Graphic Design teams are collaborating today to work on our sponsor panels that we will be putting on our robot for competitions. We have about three weeks until the 2012 Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, Minnesota, and we can’t wait!

Build Season Week Five 2012

One more week of build season! C.O.R.E. has been hard at work to try to get everything done. Mechanical is finishing our robot so we are ready for the 2012 Lake Superior Competition in Duluth, Minnesota (for more information on our competitions this year, click here.) Programming has finally gotten some time with the robot to be able to get some readings for their sensor inputs in their coding. Our Chairman’s subteam has been furiously editing our essay and executive questions, down to the home stretch now. Website, Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers, and Dean’s List are due on February 16th. Animation has recorded a voice-over for their video. They also have one scene rendered on 3ds Max, with a few more on the way for the final product. All in all, we are at a pretty good place and we are all very excited!

Build Season Week Four 2012

Week four of build season has come and passed. Everyone has been hard at work, trying to accomplish as much as possible. We have been working around the clock. Our mechanical subteams have finished building the robot. Programming has been writing code for our robot. Our animation crew is almost ready to render their animation. The CAD subteam has been doing the drawings and updating our bill of materials. Their chassis drawing is almost done! Chairman’s has an official rough draft of the essay done and is beginning on the Executive questions.

Build Season Week Three 2012

It is now week three of build season. C.O.R.E. is a bit further behind than we would like. The manipulator and actuator are still being assembled. The programming subteam has not gotten to work with the robot yet, though they have been working on the robot’s vision and have completed driving portion of Teleop. Chairman’s, Website, and Animation have been on track. Website has been keeping this site up-to-date with the posts and events. Animation has been using 3ds Max — an animation software — to model and animate their video. Chairman’s, with the use of Google Docs, has been working very hard on the essay and the Chairman’s video ideas. The CAD subteam has been using the 3D printer to help out the mechanical subteam by assembling and printing parts. Also, they have been drawing the robot on CAD and keeping it up-to-date.

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