Build Season Week 6 2011

Officially three days till Ship! Everyone is working hard and trying to get everything accomplished. The robot is up and running and placed its first official tube on the rack. We’re hoping that Daedalus will succeed, even though we have new drivers, and that Icarus flies high.

CAD team has almost completely built the robot on AutoDesk, and are finishing up the last few parts. The Manipulator team is making the guards to protect the robot and will be making spare parts for the robot. They are also making minor modifications. Chassis team is still working on the second chassis and checking and fixing all stripped gears. The Lift team drilled extra lift plates and assembled the second lift. The Minibot team is redisigning the deployment system and hope to integrate it into the robot. Programming is making progress on pre-programmed heights with an encoder. In addition, they have also optimized the code for the robot, collaborated with drive team to finalize the control scheme, and began testing for teleoperated mode. Our Website, Animation, and Chairmans’ awards were submitted. (To see our animation, click here.)

Build Season Week 5 2011

A Teaching Moment

This week we are meeting nearly every day to perfect the robot. Driver training kicked into high gear. We have drivers in training that are nearly ready to take up the controls on the field. This is due to our hardworking controls and programming teams who have finalised and perfected their respective areas.

Early in the week we had problems with our actuator system. Our lift team put in a phenomenal amount of effort to re-design our actuator in record time. Our manipulator team perfected the grabber by adjusting the spacing. Other members of our team created our bumpers and performed repairs to the crate.

CAD is vigorously trying to keep up with all of the mechanical teams changes.  Also, our animation team is close to finishing. They are completing the final render to HD quality and have to still have to compile their scenes.HD Render for Animation

The Chairmans essay is nearing completion. It is being proofed by several of our students and mentors.

Build Season Week 4 2011

Working with the Chassis
We are now at 19 days to Ship date and competition is coming up fast. We have reached a consensus and decided on our name for the host and minibot: Daedalus and Icarus. This comes from the ancient Greek mythological tales of the great inventor, Daedalus, a son of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. According to myth, Daedalus and his son Icarus were trapped and, as a method of escape, created wings of wax and feathers. Icarus indeed flew out of his prison, much like we hope our Icarus will climb high in Logo Motion.
On Monday, a group gave a presentation to one of our sponsors, Cooper Power Systems. The week was slightly interrupted by a snow day, but much was accomplished nonetheless. Within C.O.R.E. itself, the safety captain gave a presentation on battery safety. Other subteams are nearing completion, including website and animation.
Setting Up the Controll Board
The finalized control board was built and mounted on the chassis. The actuator was assembled and we conducted preliminary tests with it. On February 4th, the manipulator was tested and successfully grabbed a tube. We were able to utilize our 3D printer to produce the rollers to be used on the manipulator. The programming team continued to work on their drive code to run on voltage mode in addition to working with a tracking system to be used during the autonomous period. Another subteam began to construct field elements so as to allow for more accurate practice with the host bot and minibot.

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Build Season Week 3 2011

Bending Brackets for the RobotNow at 26 days to Ship, the competition is approaching quickly. This past week has been very productive, especially for the mechanical and programming teams. The chassis was assembled and now the team has moved on to designing the control board. Also, the minibot prototype evolved to a climbing bot. The lift actuator team added motors to the rapidly progressing model. CAD is steadily fixing and updating their designs as other subteams make adjustments.

A great leap in readying for competition: the robot was up and driving! Though only on tether for now, driver training commenced and we were able to narrow down the possible driver candidates, to be furthered next week. Next week our wireless system should be ready as well, giving our drive team a better feel for maneuvering during competition. Our programming and chassis teams are working to refine the design, as the subteams come together in a solid coalition.

Driving on TetherThe safety team gave a presentation this week about personal protective equipment, complemented by a second on fire extinguishers. Web team continues editing, repairing errors, and keeping all sections up-to-date. Chairman’s team has been working with various testimonials to fit our desired format and tone. We will continue to develop both the robot and written component for competition. Up next week: naming the host and minibots!
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Patch Article

Our team was interviewed by the Waukesha Patch, a local news website. The reporter was interested in learning about FIRST and who we are.
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