Project Lead the Way Conference

On December 1, 2011, at the Project Lead the Way Conference at Country Springs in Waukesha, members Evan Gilganbach, Emma Krauska, Aaron May, Haley Bates, and Grant Wuerslin talked about their experiences in FIRST. This was an excellent way to meet teachers and encourage them to start a FIRST team. A few teachers are seriously considering starting a team and we will keep in contact with them to give them the support necessary.

Marquette FIRST LEGO League 2011

On November 19th, 2011, C.O.R.E. volunteered at the FIRST LEGO League competition at Marquette University High School. There, our team sold concessions to the young students. A couple of our members also helped out as referees and kept the crowds cheering as a master of ceremonies. It was exciting to see a full house rooting on a total of 34 competing teams. This competition was a major fundraising event for C.O.R.E.

FIRST LEGO League Tournament 2011

FLL students on the field

On Saturday, November 12th, C.O.R.E. hosted the FIRST LEGO League tournament at Waukesha South High School in the field house. Our team ran the event, provided volunteers, prepared concessions, and helped the event run smoothly. We queued the teams up for the competition fields and for going to talk to the judges. Some of the members of C.O.R.E. showed off the VEX robots to the younger kids to get them interested in continuing with FIRST and robotics related activities. All in all, theFLL students cheering feedback C.O.R.E. received was positive. The kids were very enthusiastic to be able to work with the high schoolers. The field house was filled with cheers of joy as the programs worked and cries of despair as the parts on the robots broke. Parents sat in the stands and rooted on their favorite teams. There were thirty-three teams participating in the event.

VEX Middle School Tournament 2011

November 6th, 2011, C.O.R.E. hosted its second VEX League tournament at Waukesha West High School, this time for middle school students. About 36 teams from all around Waukesha came to compete. (For more information on this year’s game, Gateway, click here.) During the month of October, some of the teams had been coming to Waukesha South and working on their robots with the help from C.O.R.E. 2062. November 6thwas the day of judgement, to see if all their hard work had paid off. The excitement and tension in the air was as thick as pea soup. The air was filled with cries, both of glee and despair. Kids everywhere were cheering on their robots and teams, vying to be in the winning alliance. The robots used chains and pulleys and levers and pincers and more gears than one could have ever imagined. C.O.R.E. queued the teams for matches, provided food, and refereed the matches. All in all, it was a great day.

VEX High School Tournament 2011

On November 5th, 2011, C.O.R.E. 2062 hosted a VEX Tournament for high school students at Waukesha West High School. This year’s game is called Gateway (for more information, click here). After getting the teams’ robots weighed and measured, the competition finally started at about nine a.m. The gym was filled with excitement as people cheered on their favorite teams. Throughout the entire day, students were making quick fixes on their VEX robots due to the wear and tear of matches. The robots ranged from being very simple to complex. It was a day full of highs and lows as people won matches and robots broke and teams won awards. C.O.R.E. queued the teams for matchs and refereed. At the end of the day everyone was exhausted but happy with how the day went.

VEX League Nights- 2011

Every Tuesday in October, new C.O.R.E. members and middle school students gathered in South High School’s cafeteria to build their VEX robots. With help from older members, the students assembled robots to perform a specific task, based on this year’s game, Gateway:

VEX Gateway is played on a 12’x12’ square field. Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a twenty-second autonomous period followed by two minutes of driver-controlled play. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent Alliance by Scoring Barrels and Balls in Goals, earning Bonus Points and Doubling or Negating Goals.

For the complete rules of the game, click here.

C.O.R.E. sold concessions  and mentored the younger students, helping them to discover creative ways to complete the task. The nights were filled with highs and lows as robots broke but were able to be fixed once more. All in all, the feedback received was positive. Everybody involved had a lot of fun.

Rockwell Automation Fair 2011

Noisy, crowded, full of energy. This describes the atmosphere at the 20thanniversary Rockwell Automation Fair, on November 17, 2011. Since it was in Chicago, CORE was able to demonstrate our robot at a half field set-up of the 2011 game, Logomotion. We and the other teams represented FIRST and their support of science and technology. We drove our robot around with a few other teams as well and were quite a hit. There were booths with different companies showcasing their work and even scholarships being given out. We toured the exhibits in shifts so there was always someone staying with the robot. We didn’t get to drive the robot the whole time though because it was designed for about two and a half minute runs so we had to stop it often to let it cool down and charge the battery. The bus ride back was fairly un-eventful although some of us played some games with one of the other coaches for a while before resorting to playing with the various give-aways we had gotten and even did some doodle contests. Overall it was an awesome time. We learned about some applications of robotics and got to see what real-world engineers are doing to further the field of robotics.


On August 30th, 2011, Waukesha South High School held its annual Southfest. CORE was present and actively recruiting new members.

State Fair – 2011

C.O.R.E. was recently at the Wisconsin State Fair! We helped with a multitude of events. On the first two days, four members helped run a LEGO Mindstorm/VEX competition as a part of a 4-H showcase. On the third day, eight members gave demonstrations of VEX,  LEGO, Parralax robots and of course our FRC robot. These members also gave a presentation about the build season and the FIRST robotics program. Our teams C.O.R.E.’s value of community, respect and  volunteering came through as we  assisted in other demonstration booths.

Waukesha County Fair and Robotics 2011

On July 23rd and 24th, 2011, at the Waukesha County Fair, we were given an area to demonstrate in the 4-H building. The people who found us all loved to see the different robots on display. Doing demonstrations like this is always fun because when we can tell the parents about the programs, they seem genuinely interested and it’s fun to tell people about all the things one is passionate about. The little kids loved driving the VEX robots around, and everyone was amazed with the complexity and control offered by our larger FRC robot, Daedalus. All sorts of people go to the fair, so it was a great place to find kids that hadn’t heard about the different robotics programs. Seeing how amazed the kids are when they drive even simple VEX bots was really entertaining to witness. While they’re having fun, one can only hope that it makes enough of an impression and they will want to get involved later.

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