2011 10,000 Lakes Regional 2011

From March 31st to April 2nd, we participated in the 10,000 Lakes Regional Competition, held in the Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis Campus. We learned from our experiences at the Wisconsin Regional to better our team and our robot. Between the two regionals we developed a new minibot and minibot deployment system. We also continued to improve our autonomous code to consistently hang an Ubertube.

We ended qualification rounds at 6th place from a group of 63 teams. For our alliance we chose Teams 2232: Deus ex Machina and 2545: Quantum Mechanics. In quarter-finals, our alliance lost one round and won the next; in the determining round, our alliance lost: 72 to 89. Our team earned both Rockwell Automation’s Innovation in Control Award and UL’s Industrial Safety Award. Safety in C.O.R.E. is more than a concept or idea–it is a culture. Our members distributed safety manuals and gave safety presentations at the 10,000 Lakes and North Star Regionals.

Programmers working on AutonomousDaedalus hanging an upper row logo after scoring an UbertubeC.O.R.E. fans in the stands
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